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Miccy’s is about enjoying life to the full. Stroll along the beach, catch the last sunrays of the day, have drinks with your best friend, shop till you drop on King’s Road or dance the night away. Remember, each day is a blossom to be picked with a curious spirit – and Miccy’s (pronounce as Mickey's) is there to make you look perfect – on any occasion. Happy to meet!

Meet Miccy's

Life itself is an incredible source of inspiration. Did you ever look at a flower and realized its beauty actually an expression of Mother Nature smiling right at you? While wandering through the tiny souks of the Middle East one can only gaze at the colorfulness of streets and markets, while at the very same moment elsewhere you can stand in front of the traffic lights in a major city, being fully in awe over the amazing structure of the buildings around you. That is life, that is inspiration. And she who wishes, can see it all. Everywhere. That to us, is our inspiration. And so are you.


Like many success stories, the story of Miccy’s started with a personal wish. When Miccy’s founder Michelle de Hoogh discovered that she had an allergic reaction to nickel and got bored of only wearing classical gold and silver jewelry, she decided to create a pair of gold plated, yet contemporary and unique earrings for herself. With a background in Art Design, Michelle’s earrings soon caught the eye of her friends. And not just her friends. Wherever she went, people complimented her on the beauty of her design. By 2012 she decide to take a leap of faith and founded Miccy’s. Soon the brand grew on an international scale and her designs became a brand to know amongst celebrities and Royals. And although Michelle lives with her husband and two children in Dubai, she regularly visits her team of highly trained craftsmen in her Dutch atelier, who hand make every single piece she designs, with the love and care it deserves.

What we belief

At Miccy’s we believe that every woman is a unique beauty who deserves nothing but the best. Therefore we create jewelry that compliments your beauty. No matter whether you are looking for a piece of jewelry to fit your daytime style, or a stunning item that will immediately transform you into the queen of the ball. You can rely on Miccy’s. Premium quality, unique designs and always stylish. As we want you to feel as beautiful, as you are. Therefore only the best is good enough for you.



Finest quality brand

At Miccy’s we don’t make concessions when it comes to quality. Therefore we only work with premium materials such as Swarovski crystals and beads, gems, pearls, minerals, silver, leather, lace, cotton, velvet, silver gilt ornaments, and more. Each piece is handmade at our very own atelier, by our highly trained design team. As we believe in true craftsmanship and authenticity, our designs are always made in small quantities and can be personally modified upon special request.




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